Orcas Residents Get May Day Surprises Thanks to OCS Outreach

September 01, 2004 | Diane Wachter

Knock, knock…“Happy May Day!” As a kid I remember hanging flowers on my friends' and neighbors' doors, ringing the doorbell, then running to hide as I watched their reaction.

For several years, Orcas Christian School (OCS) has been carrying on the tradition of giving out May Day flowers, giving out 800 flowers to the Orcas Island community last year alone. Kids hand the flowers to whomever opens the door and say, “Happy May Day!”

This has been such a rewarding experience. One OCS student said, “There are a lot of lonely people. They may never get something as wonderful as this in their life. It brightens their day and lets them know that people care, and it makes me feel good to make somebody happy.”

The island community is surprised and delighted that OCS takes the time and effort, and for some, it means making their day. One elderly widow said, “May Day is my favorite day! I got up this morning, put my tulip shirt on and thought about picking some flowers in my garden so I could lay them on my doorstep, ring my doorbell, go inside, open the door, look around, and say, 'I wonder who put these here? Aren’t they pretty?'” With tears in her eyes, she thanked the OCS kids for caring about her.

There are those who ask, “What are you expecting in return?” Is it for money, public awareness of the school or to build ourselves up in the eyes of others? No, it is to share the love of God that Jesus taught when He was here on this earth.