Ellensburg CHIP Graduates Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance

After extensive lifestyle education, 27 individuals graduated from the initial Ellensburg (Wash.) CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) seminar on May 23 at the First Lutheran Church. Twenty-three of those participating were not Adventists.

The seminar, sponsored by Ellensburg's Kittitas Echoes of Praise Company, ran two nights a week for a total of eight weeks. The program leaders were delighted to find that the participants’ motivation remained strong throughout the entire session.

Excitement ran high as graduates shared changes they had experienced after making simple lifestyle choices. Each participant received recent lab results to compare with his or her beginning values.

J. Randall Sloop, a physician and lifestyle educator from Yakima, Wash., was the keynote speaker. Victoria Macki, a local physician, validated graduates in their continuing quest for wellness. The class enjoyed preparing and eating foods that incorporated CHIP concepts.

CHIP stressed the basics of health and disease, benefits of a simpler lifestyle, eating “foods as grown," and taking individual responsibility for health while staying in touch with one’s physician.

Exercise was also a major component of CHIP. The class walked, biked or the equivalent for a total of 2,874 miles during the eight weeks.

Most CHIP participants showed significant changes in their lifestyle statistics by the end of the program. In addition to lowering their cholesterol and blood pressure, the group lost a combined total of 152 pounds.

“I could barely walk from my car to the house," said one graduate. "Now I walk about two miles a day." Others reported relief from chronic health problems, an increase in energy and a reduction of insulin usage.

“I learned more about the basics of health and disease than I’ve learned in the past 40 years,” said a nurse in the program.

CHIP graduates shared their personal lifestyle testimonies during the June 12 worship service at the Ellensburg Church.

Knowing they have significantly decreased their risk of heart attack and other health problems continues to motivate these “chippers" to continue living their motto, “Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance." Monthly alumni meetings will provide continued support and education. Another CHIP seminar is tentatively planned for this fall.

For more information call (509) 968-4068 or visit the international CHIP Web site at www.chipusa.org.

September 01, 2004 / Upper Columbia Conference