KEEP Scholarship Leads to Baptism

July 01, 2004 | Mark Witas

Meghan became a ward of the state when she was nine years old. Taken from her family, her parents in prison, her brothers and sisters in foster care with other families, Meghan’s life was a cyclone of confusion.

In the public school that she attended, Meghan was teased and ridiculed about the scandal that landed her parents (and others) in prison. Her foster parent turned to the local Adventist school where, instead of being ridiculed, Meghan found acceptance from the students and teachers.

Meghan stayed on through academy and, after studying with her local youth pastor, decided to be baptized during a school retreat at the Walla Walla College (WWC) marine station at Rosario Beach, Wash.

Since then, Meghan has graduated, become a certified nurse’s assistant and been accepted to WWC. She was able to do all this despite not having much money thanks to the Kids Educational Endowment Program (KEEP), which helped with her school bill during her senior year.

In order to keep even more students in the Upper Columbia Conference in Adventist education, a donor has created a dollar-for-dollar matching grant—up to $50,000—for any donation given to KEEP before Aug. 30.