Backpacking Trip, New Building Benefit Students and Community

Many youth organizations from Camp Fire USA to the Girl and Boy Scouts of America provide camping opportunities to kids, but Nelson Crane Christian School’s (Puyallup, Wash.) annual backpacking trip for seventh- and eighth-graders is a unique chance to deepen kids’ faith.

Seventeen students spent five days backpacking through the Wenatchee National Forest in September. Each morning began with songs and prayer so the teens could focus on God’s creation while building solid friendships with their peers.

"It was very rewarding to observe the students in God's nature, particularly as we had our morning and evening worships by the creek,” said Eldon Lively, a parent participating on the trip. “You can see God working on the hearts of these students as they learn to be instruments of His glory." At the end of the trip, the students are invited to talk about how God is working in their lives.

Nelson Crane Christian School and the Puyallup Church are launching a major building project to enable further community outreach ministries.

“The current buildings at Nelson Crane are being held together by paint,” said Steve Yamamoto, school board chair. “Recently, a ball hit one of the walls, and the ball went right on through.” Building new and expanded facilities also allows the church a place to host their growing list of community outreach programs such as creation seminars, health education classes and recreational sports leagues.

“The community needs Seventh-day Adventists who are offering practical help to them in the form of summer camps, before and after school care, and other various outreach to the community,” explained Kieth Noll, pastor. “It is imperative that we meet the needs of an increasing student body and the increasing standards for school academic programs with a new facility as soon as possible.”

July 01, 2004 / Washington Conference