Wedding Pauses for Baptism of Friend

James Cazort and Lynda Malmberg had been contemplating marriage for a number of months. In fact, they had often been asked, “When are you guys going to get married?” During that same period, Randy Miller, a close friend of the couple, had been contemplating baptism.

While the friends were planning an early winter camping trip last October, Miller challenged the couple, “If you guys get married, I’ll get baptized!” Thus the unusual wedding baptism plans were begun.

Cazort and Malmberg thought their wedding ceremony would be the perfect time to introduce their mostly non-Adventist families and friends to some gospel truths. Rather than invite all their Adventist friends to celebrate with them, the couple specifically invited their unchurched friends. The pastor presented the creation of Eden and marriage, Satan’s introduction of sin, and God’s plan of salvation during the ceremony.

Just before the pair lit their unity candle, the ceremony paused while Miller was baptized. The lighting of the unity candle thus symbolized both the lives of Cazort and Malmberg being united as one with Christ and Miller’s life being reborn in Christ. Many guests commented later that they were deeply touched by the combined wedding/baptism ceremony.

The ceremony was truly a multi-church event featuring pastors of several Adventist churches and guests from Adventist, Mormon and Church of God congregations.

June 01, 2004 / Alaska Conference