Faithful Stewards

May 01, 2004 / Tara Jeske

It isn’t every day college students have leftover money. Near the end of fall quarter, Barbara Anderson, sophomore biology major, realized she had not even come close to spending the minimum of $462 that would be charged to her cafeteria account for the quarter.

Rather than stock up on cases of Snapple she didn’t need or want, she wanted to use the money to help people who might not have enough to eat, such as people at the Farm Labor Homes for migrant farm workers, where she had spent time with a family for a class project.

New Things are Developing at Walla Walla College

May 01, 2004 / Tara Jeske

Shutterbugs can now make a career out of their talent at Walla Walla College (WWC). A photography minor was recently added to the technology department's options, and a new photojournalism concentration for communication majors will be offered beginning fall quarter of 2004.

Marysville Begins Little Lambs Club

May 01, 2004 / Margaret Turpin

Little Lambs, a group that originated in the Florida Conference, has found its way to Washington State. Our little group, designed specifically for four-year-olds, gives our young kids the opportunity to enjoy real Adventurer Club membership as they graduate to become Eager Beavers.

A Weekend to Remember

May 01, 2004 / Darla Riotto

In March an excited group of 38 women met in Cannon Beach, Ore., for the 10th annual Spiritual Women’s Retreat sponsored by Enumclaw Women’s Ministries. Eleven mother-daughter couples were present. Two men were allowed because they and their wives were our awesome chefs!

Leadership Summit Makes SMILES

May 01, 2004 / Colette Newer

Since 1996, the North American Division has advocated the development of Tutoring and Mentoring programs in local churches through the YouthNet program. Sandra Brown, the director of the division-wide effort, came to the Washington Conference Feb. 23–24 to provide training and information for those who are currently involved in tutoring and mentoring programs as well as those who think they might be interested in beginning.