Auburn Students Form Fellowship of Believers

April 01, 2004 | Amber Serns

More than 40 excited students met in February for the first meeting of the fellowship of the BODY (Band of Devoted Youth). Since that date, this zealous group of spiritual leaders has stayed committed to their original goal of meeting the needs of the growing number of Auburn students interested in having a more active Christian experience.

These students declare their reason for meeting is "to bring together a group of people who love the Lord and want to have a more applied Christian life as individuals and as a group." Although advancing quickly, the BODY is still in its beginning stages of development, with plans to draft a charter with a defined purpose and goals.

It is the BODY's hope that regular fellowship in this committed group will give students a definite sense of identity. Through interaction with other devoted members of the community of believers, they will gain a clear idea of who they are spiritually.

They began this first step of self reflection by attending a spiritual gifts inventory on Feb. 28. They hope that, by learning and using their own spiritual gifts, they can better reach their collective goals.

These goals include organizing prayer groups and prayer partners, developing a stronger devotional life, learning to witness by one's lifestyle and choices, and sharing ideas of how to influence their peers as well as elementary kids to make positive life decisions. In short, these students want to take their relationship with Jesus "to the next level."