Monroe Feeds 110 At Community Christmas Dinner

March 01, 2004 | Debbie Beierle

A community Christmas dinner, sponsored by the Monroe (Wash.) Church members, was given on Dec. 25 to reach out to those in the community who would otherwise be alone for the holidays.

More than 110 people were fed during the dinner and many more meals were sent home with people. A complete meal for about 10 people was also sent to Casa Ministries for those unable to attend.

What made the dinner a success was not so much the attendance and the number of people fed, but the outpouring of volunteer help for the event. People who were not going to be available to help on that day donated most of the money needed for the dinner. More than 50 volunteers helped with preparing and cooking the food, serving the dinner, waiting on tables, greeting, entertaining, decorating and cleaning up.

Many of the guests commented on how much they appreciated having a place to go. Other guests thanked various volunteers for their part in the dinner. Several different people stated that if they had not had this dinner they would have been alone for Christmas. Several volunteers from the community just showed up at the dinner and wanted to be put to work.

β€œIt truly was a special Christmas Day,” said Brenda Maldonado, who inspired and coordinated the project.