Milo Food Service Director Wins Hero Award

Every great production or establishment has individuals behind the scenes assisting in ways that are immeasurable to the project as a whole. Unfortunately, these people often aren’t recognized for the heroic efforts donated to helping the project succeed.

The Unsung Hero’s Award is a way to recognize those who don’t receive recognition and to bring to light their incredible service. Sponsored by the Cascade Community Credit Union, the Unsung Hero’s Award is given to individuals working in schools within Douglas County. It is based on nominations from fellow employees and extraordinary service to their school’s students and workers. Receiving this award is truly an honor.

This year's recipient was Gerry Bliven of Milo Adventist Academy. As the academy's food service director, his task is not an easy one. He feeds 160 people three times a day without becoming repetitive in his menu or lackadaisical about the nutritional content of the meals. He goes out of his way to prepare meals early if needed, and he’s in charge of taking food to functions like Senior Survival and sporting events. Bliven works with students on an individual basis to accommodate special dietary needs, and he has mostly eliminated MSG from his meals. In a state health inspection, his was declared the cleanest cafeteria in the county.

Throughout his 32 years of managing in the food service industry, he has worked in many places and has made a lasting impression on both employers and employees. He has won many service awards, but this award took him completely by surprise.

March 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference