Richland Church Gives Birth

February 01, 2004 | Dale Smith

Tri-Cities, Wash.—Hanford country. With several churches in the area, why do we need another one?

Growth! That’s why. New people are flooding the area and need to meet their eternal Friend.

About a year ago the Richland (Wash.) Church decided to plant a new church in the area. The existing church had been attracting so many people the pews were getting full. After about seven months of weekly meetings, a core group presented a proposal to the Richland Church and the Upper Columbia Conference. Both approved.

With a mission "to experience and share the heart of God" and a vision "to develop Definitely Devoted Disciples," the group's goal is to reach those who are not currently attending any church.

The youth are getting involved, too. Nadia Neil and Eric Kort, Walla Walla College theology students in the pastor-mentoring program, are leading out in Sabbath School and are providing wonderful training programs for the young people. They plan to offer “evangelistic adventures” such as handing out water bottles with a spiritual message on them at outdoor, summer events.

This core group is planning to grow and move soon to a different facility. The immediate goal is to recruit people, either as missionaries or members.

How about you? Do you already live in the area or are you planning on moving here? We would love to have you join us in this awesome adventure. Want to learn more? Visit our Web site at