Wenatchee Valley Holds First Camp Meeting

December 01, 2003 | Mark Witas

The Adventist churches of the Wenatchee Valley held their first camp meeting in Wenatchee, Wash. The October weekend event featured adult meetings presented by Des Cummings, Florida Hospital executive vice president, who spoke on the gift of the Sabbath and the embrace of original love.

The youth and young adults were privileged to have Ken Rogers, Southern Adventist University chaplain, as their speaker. Rogers was accompanied by Tim Gillespie, Loma Linda Academy chaplain, who led the worship music.

Sabbath afternoon gave each person a variety of seminars and activities in which to participate. The afternoon had people doing everything from feeding the homeless in a park to participating in a discussion on how to preserve our religious liberty.

On Sabbath afternoon the Abundant Life Adventist Company of Wenatchee was formed and made official by Max Torkelsen, Upper Columbia Conference president.

The Adventist Book Center book and food sale on Saturday night capped off a well-attended, memorable weekend. Watch for announcements about next year’s Central Washington Camp Meeting.