Western Washington Youth Challenge

It’s not your ordinary summer job. You might serve 100 people a day at McDonald’s. You could memorize brands of doors and doorbells at Home Depot or become familiar with a variety of books in a library. But most young people don’t get to do all of these things in one summer as part of a dynamic team dedicated to God.

Western Washington Youth Challenge provides that opportunity. This summer, a group of 34 high school and college students spent eight weeks on the front line for God in the Everett and Burlington areas.

These students went to more than 70,000 doors sharing books like Christ’s Object Lessons and The Great Controversy. Nearly 4,000 books were distributed for donations, and Steps to Christ was left at every home. Students prayed with more than 4,600 people at their doors.

Each student also participated in evangelistic meetings for the community, including a youth series in Lake Stevens where as many as 25 unchurched teens came each night. They also helped to host a Vacation Bible School.

The people we minister to aren’t the only ones that are changed. During my first experience with Youth Challenge, I was just starting to learn the incredible reality of a friendship with my heavenly Father. As I began my literature ministry, I found myself needing God more than I’d ever felt before. Youth Challenge inspires everyone to become more intimate with God. After three summers, I still feel the same way.

One of the most awesome moments of this summer was when three Youth Challenge members testified to the power of God’s love in their lives as they were baptized. Once again, God had revealed Himself to His children and showed that His love will always be greater than our need.

October 01, 2003 / Washington Conference