Walla Walla College Quality Adventist Education Since 1892

Walla Walla College is proud to be the premiere Adventist institution for higher education in the Northwest. The college offers students an exceptional education and spiritual support in a small, residential campus setting. Founded by Adventist pioneers, the college has grown to university status and has an annual average enrollment of 1,800 students. The lives of many students, faculty and staff of Walla Walla College are changed each year through their association with a college whose mission is based on integrity, service and faith.

Walla Walla College offers six bachelor’s degrees in 36 areas of study, seven master’s degrees and an associate of science degree. Students are required to take a range of classes in history, writing and fine arts, resulting in a broad education base. The general studies program also allows students to work toward a degree before they decide on a specific major. A general studies honors program offers students with high academic achievements additional challenges in the areas of independent research and writing.

The “2003 America’s Best Colleges” guidebook, published by US News and World Report placed Walla Walla College in Tier 1, representing the top 25 percent of all universities in the western half of the United States that offer a similar range of programs.

The main campus of Walla Walla College now covers 55 acres and the college operates and maintains several other sites for specialized education. These include a refurbished, 40-acre biological research station on Puget Sound, a campus in Portland, Ore., for upper-division nursing students, and master’s of social work programs in Missoula and Billings, Mont.

Walla Walla College is in the midst of an $18 million Faith in the Vision campaign to rejuvenate the campus. As part of the campaign, the communications department and Positive Life Radio recently moved into new facilities in the Canaday technology building. The remaining offices and departments still residing in the administration building are in the process of relocating to interim housing. A new administration building will be built on the site of the old building, which will be demolished in the near future.

Walla Walla College offers a wide range of opportunities for students to live active, Christian lives, both in and out of the classroom. Students can attend daily PrayerPoint gatherings, weekly chapel programs, peer mentoring, and week of prayer meetings and participate in community outreach programs. Worship options are available nightly, and various small groups meet for worship and to study the Bible.

College Place is home to two of the largest Adventist churches in the Pacific Northwest. Karl Haffner pastors the College Church located on campus, and once a month, students organize their own worship service called “Battleground.” Many different Sabbath School options, some led by students, are available. In addition there are 11 smaller churches nearby.

Each year many students take a year out of their academic program and commit to service around the globe as student missionaries. Some teach in all levels of elementary and high school, while others teach English, serve as youth pastors or take on a number of other roles. Many Adventist schools in other countries exist only because of the continued efforts of student missionaries. Other students find mission fields closer to home, serving through the task force program as deans and chaplains in the United States. Walla Walla College also organizes several short-term mission trips each year to build churches and schools, assist in medical clinics or organize evangelistic meetings.

At the core of life on campus is an educational philosophy that permeates all aspects of the school. Walla Walla College is founded on the belief that every person is created in the image of God, is of inestimable value and worth and is imbued with powers of intelligence, stewardship and creativity. The college seeks to foster the unique gifts of every individual while imparting a broad knowledge of the arts, sciences and professions through careful instruction and open inquiry. In addition to encouraging academic achievements, the college seeks to nurture responsible citizenship, generous service and a deep respect for beauty in God's creation.

Walla Walla College offers one of the most wide-ranging and generous financial aid programs of any Adventist college. Four out of five students receive scholarships, grants, work-study funds or low-interest loans (deferred until after graduation), and more than half of WWC students are employed on campus.

Prospective students and families are invited to visit a class, talk with teachers and students and become acquainted with campus services. Personal visits can be arranged by contacting the Office of Guest Relations at (509) 527-2327.

Additional information about the college and its programs is provided by the Office of Enrollment (previously Admissions and Marketing), toll free phone (800) 541-8911 or (509) 527-2327. Information about services, academic departments and campus activities may also be found on its Web site, www.wwc.edu or by e-mail to info@wwc.edu.

July 01, 2003 / Walla Walla University