Leadership Shapes the Campus of Auburn Adventist Academy

July 01, 2003 | Joi Becker

Well-known Adventist preacher, Morris Venden, once observed, “On a Christian campus, 20 percent are committed to a relationship with Jesus, 20 percent are somewhat hostile to God, and 60 percent are willing to be led.” Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) students elected 11 of their peers to lead the Associated Student Body (ASB) for the 2003-04 academic year.

President Denby Rasmussen, from Oregon, claimed that in his leadership, he wanted others to be able to “look back on 2003-04 school year as one of becoming close to God.”

Contessa Mensink, vice president from Washington, said, “I pray for Christ-centered creative juices to flow. With Christ I can do anything!”

Spiritual vice president Amy Ahn from Korea said, “I think that these qualities are essential: reaching out to people, listening to others and speaking out for God!”

Vitaliy Reznichenko, music coordinator, said “I love music…and because God gave me this talent, I think I should use it for Him and for those who are around me.”

Photographer Daniel Rogers from Oregon said, “I hope all the officers we elect try to make the year a fun and spiritual experience.”

Brandon Gratias, sports coordinator from Washington, said, “I enjoy coming up with new ideas. These will include more people and broaden our current program.”

Sergeant-at-arms Young-Do Kim, also from Korea, said, “I want to be satisfied with my spiritual life. That’s my most valuable thing.”

“I want to lend ASB a little artistic flair, a shot of creativity and just help out in general,” said Brandon Tan, who will head up public relations/graphics and hails from Washington.

Anthony Remboldt, computer specialist from Washington, said, “I have a goal to use my skill to bring people in our student body closer to God and to each other.”

Secretary/treasurer Michelle Rees of Washington said, “I hope to encourage participation and to help show our main focus, which is getting closer to God. I want others to say I influenced students in a positive way while in office.”

Activities coordinator Jeanelle Gates from Washington quoted Francis Bacon: “Life is a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once.”

The leaders of the student body of Auburn Adventist Academy said they have chosen to reflect the positive influence of Jesus Christ.