A Class with Heart Creates Hope Memorial

The Gem State Academy Class of 2003 stands apart in many ways: they’re smart, and they love Jesus. Since eight of the 35 members of the Class of 2003 have lost parents, siblings, grandparents or close friends during their academy experience, they’ve become a close-knit family. Class sponsors Terry and Shelley-jeane Soulé gently guided and gave support as the class was forced, over and over again, to deal with the loss of loved ones.

When it came time to choose a class gift for their alma mater, the class wanted something truly meaningful that would reflect their time together and that would encourage others who experience similar hardships. They came up with a way to honor their loved ones—the Hope Memorial Scholarship Fund.

An extension of the Gem State Academy Alumni Endowment Fund, the Hope Memorial Scholarship Fund provides $500 each year for a junior or senior who suffers an extraordinarily difficult experience.

Provision has been made for additional names to be added to the plaque by the Class of 2003, but their hope is that Jesus will return before any additional spaces can be filled, and they are united in their determination to do what they can to hasten that day.

July 01, 2003 / Idaho Conference