Puyallup Church Burns Mortgage

June 01, 2003 | Shirley Meitzler

A spirit of celebration greeted church members as they arrived April 5 for the Puyallup (Wash.) Church mortgage burning. Since breaking ground in October 1994, the building fund has been paid in full. A full program was emceed by Bob Paulsen, with a historical tribute and challenge by Larry Zuchowski, pastor from 1984-93. Tributes to the Lord’s blessing were presented by building committee chair Janet Rowe, member Doug Paulsen and Ethel Havens, the oldest member present and also the first Puyallup Pathfinder director with her late husband, Dale. As the flames rose from the mortgage burning, the kids could hardly contain themselves to think there was fire in church. The adults were more concerned that the sprinklers not go off. A prayer of affirmation was offered by Washington Conference president John Freedman.