Auburn Custodian Transcends Title

February 01, 2003 | Brian Becker

While Sue Pike, known to many students as “Mom,” recuperated recently after major surgery, Auburn Adventist Academy students voiced how important she has become to them personally.

Though Pike says she’s “just a custodian,” her importance to the academy transcends any job title that she would give herself.

When Auburn students were randomly asked to give one-word descriptions of Pike’s character, and the terms hard-working, generous, giving, caring, selfless, and Mom came up repeatedly.

Pike lives by her own paraphrased interpretation of Mark 9:34–35. “. . . the first shall be last and the last shall be first.” Some examples of her compassion include: buying flowers for students who are on sick list and calling to see how they’re doing; feeding and making students who get sick during trips more comfortable; helping a student with a dislocated shoulder get dressed every morning; and inviting students who can’t afford to attend Auburn to live in her home free-of-charge.

Student Evan Lima best summarizes Pike’s impact on the campus: “. . . she is the most unselfish lady I know and she would do anything for us without even thinking twice.”

Besides physical healing, Pike’s recuperation has caused everyone to realize what a treasured part of the Auburn Adventist Academy family she is.