Gem State Hosts Idaho’s First Lady

Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA) bridged the generation gap on Friday, Nov. 8, during a special day set aside for grandparents (some adopted for the day) and their student-grandchildren.

More than 80 actual grandparents and adoptive seniors spent the day on campus, and Patricia Kempthorne, wife of the Idaho governor, gave the keynote address and talked about the importance her grandparents played in passing on values. She urged both students and grandparents to forge strong relationships and learn from one another.

“Grandparents’ Day is designed to take students back a generation or two and make grandparents feel like teens again,” said Linda Klinger, GSAA development director. “We hope this event facilitates tighter bonds and a broadened understanding between seniors and students.”

The day started with student-led tours, followed by a special seminar session on “Sharing Your Values with Teens.”

Larry Blackmer, new Idaho Conference superintendent of education, then spoke on sharing spiritual values. Loren Dickinson, a well-known Walla Walla College communications professor, then shared 10 communication essentials. Tim Smith, of Edwards Jones, spoke on how to pass on financial values to teens.

Grandparents enjoyed a banquet lunch with students, followed by a performance of the Gem State Academy Band, Choir, and Handbell Choir. A highlight of the day came during a performance of “The Grand March.”

Many grandparents remained throughout the weekend and asked if the event could happen again next year.

January 01, 2003 / Idaho Conference