Echoes of Praise Church Activates its Outreach

January 01, 2003 | Meg Bartrand

Elders of the Echoes of Praise Adventist Church in Kittitas, Wash., have helped their members put into practice ideas they learned during last year’s SPROUT conference.

When weather turned cold last year, members passed out 250 pairs of one-size-fits-all gloves, with cards inside inviting the new glove-owners to worship at Echoes of Praise.

Early this year, members prepared and distributed 225 Ten Commandment Study Calendars, with a different commandment for each month and a Scripture for each day.

Then, last summer, local Adventist children distributed 100 “What Would Jesus Do?” chains at a favorite local swimming lake for youth and college crowds.

Each gift carried an invitation to worship, and those who gave them out shared where, when, why, and how Echoes of Praise conducts services.

So excited were the children by the many positive responses they received, the youngsters continued to stop passersby and give them information about the church, even after the gifts ran out.

On Sept. 10, last year, members held a Candlelight Vigil for Prayer and Remembrance at the local city park. More than 60 attendees lit candles and took part in honoring local firefighters, paramedics, and policemen.

Even more recently, children and Sabbath school staff have stuffed several large baskets with apples, cookies, flowers, and the 23rd Psalm/evangelistic series bookmarks, for various local families and individuals.

Echoes of Praise Adventist Church elders have just returned, again, from another SPROUT conference, and members are eager to find what new ideas and projects may be in store.