Milo Friends and Parents Support Their School

December 01, 2002 | Kay Dickey

Parents, alumni, and friends of Milo Adventist Academy in southern Oregon are supporting their school in new and effective ways.

A newly formed group, “Parents for Milo,” gathered Oct. 13 to work from 8 a.m. until dusk, roofing a faculty home, painting the inside of two three-bedroom apartments and a faculty home, grooming grounds, and accomplishing many other tasks.

Although students were in classes much of the time, they often worked with their parents during breaks.

Connie Harmon of Coquille, Ore., and Carolyn Houghton of Medford, Ore., organized “Parents for Milo” and on Registration Day invited parents to sign up if they were willing to help during campus work days or accept supervisory assignments during the year. The response was overwhelming.

The next full campus work day is planned for March 9, next year.

Circle of Friends

Milo’s “Circle of Friends” comes from various communities in Oregon, Washington, and California to support Christian education.

The group began when Milo’s Development Department sent a letter and brochure to each Oregon Conference constituent, inviting them to join the Circle of Friends. From that mailing, more than $10,000 was committed to help make up the difference between tuition received and the actual cost of a Christian education.

Since then, the “Circle of Friends” keeps growing, making a statement of support for Christian education.

Papering the Oval

The oval, Milo Adventist Academy covered walkway is taking on a different look these days. Dollar-bill replicas seem to have assembled themselves into a hanging chain on the walkway.

The “Papering the Oval” chain is a visual reminder for students, staff, parents, and operating board to help others fulfill their dream of attending Milo.

For each dollar donated to the Friendship Scholarship Fund, a dollar bill replica is hung on the oval. To date, more than $7,000 has been received.