New President’s Arrival Inspires Confidence

September 01, 2002

Walla Walla College’s (WWC’s) school year begins Sept. 30, and among new faces students will see is Jon Dyhbdal’s.

The College’s new president arrived on campus in July and has been working with faculty and staff, preparing for the new school year.

“Dr. Dybdahl is a strong leader and is also led by the Spirit,” says Pedrito Maynard-Reid, vice president for spiritual life and mission. “We are setting the course for a successful school year.”

In mid-September, Dybdahl will have his first opportunity to meet with all WWC faculty and staff at a retreat held at Camp MiVoden.

This year, the retreat’s theme is “Building a Spiritual Community.” The retreat offers WWC personnel a time to set the tone for the upcoming school year, just before the first students arrive on campus.

First-year and transfer students will be among the first students on campus. On Sept. 23, a week-long orientation session, called “Jump Start,” will help give campus newcomers a smooth transition to WWC.

For their participation, students can earn one general elective credit. A fee covers the cost of meals, activities, materials, and the academic credit. More information about “Jump Start” is available by phoning (509) 527-2132.

Main campus registration for fall quarter will be held on Sunday, Sept. 29, with classes beginning the next day.

President’s Inaugural

One of fall quarter’s highlight events will be held in November, when Dybdahl formally becomes WWC’s 22nd president. The Nov. 18 presidential inauguration begins at 10 a.m. in the Walla Walla College Church. A story about the inauguration and an interview with the new president will appear in an upcoming issue of the GLEANER. •