Milo Gives Merit Awards

Milo Adventist Academy’s highest awards for academic excellence have been given to five students.

Those honored are incoming ninth-grader Sarah Sexton of Hood View Junior Academy; incoming 11th-graders Lyndsi Hersey of Rogue Valley Adventist School and Beth-Anne Laspe of Roseburg Junior Academy; and Milo juniors Tobi Foster and Launa Hulse. Each received merit awards of $1,000.

The winners each had a minimum grade point average of 3.75; leadership experience; participation in church/community service programs or organizations; outstanding achievements or awards; mental, social, and spiritual maturity; and achievement test ranking in the 85th percentile or above.

Each also submitted an essay that expresses their philosophy of life, personal goals, and objectives. •

August 01, 2002 / Oregon Conference

Jenniene Kriegelstein