Navigating the new online GleanerNow

This Gleaner site looks different than what I have been used to. 

Our new design helps to clarify the different ways the Gleaner connects us together. The Gleaner is an broad term that describes our monthly print magazine and all the connections that inform and inspire Seventh-day Adventist members throughout the northwestern United States. Those connections include the GleanerWeekly, our electronic newsletter sent via email each week to those who have requested it. They also include GleanerNow, our online web presence where you are visiting right now. Any news and information available for public distribution is published here first. 

Okay, that’s great, but where’s the Menu?

Just click on the Table of Contents at the top of the main page just to the right of the big “gn.” One click will open up the menu list where you’ll find the latest content and user information.

Where do I find news from my local conference?

In the Table of Contents, click on the News heading which takes you to the main news page for all conferences. In the right column just below the top story, click on the news section you’d like to view.

Are more photos available for each news story?

Each news story includes the number of photos submitted for the article. Sometimes only one is available, but often there are more. Click on right side of the photo bar at the top of the story. If there are additional photos available, they will scroll into view as you click. To return to previous photos, click to the left.

Can I submit the information for a birth, wedding, obituary or milestone entry here online?

Yes! Hit "Contribute" in the menu to be taken to a list of the worksheets for the family section.

Can I submit an article here online to the Gleaner?

Except for the “Family” information noted above, all other content needs to be sent directly to the Gleaner via our contact form. If you are a regular contributor you may request an account with the Gleaner that will allow you to provide content through the online content management system.

When will new content appear online?

Our new Gleaner process allows us to place submitted stories, photos and family information online within a few days of the original submission. No longer do you have to wait until the monthly print magazine is published to see your submitted information.

Are classified ads now available online?

Yes. The latest classified ads are online, which means you can also click directly on any web or email links to connect with opportunities and services.

Can I respond or add a comment to a particular article here online?

Yes. At the bottom of each article is a section for comments. We use the LiveFyre system for commenting, which helps screen out “spam” or other unwanted entries. When adding your comments, you’ll need to “sign in” or use your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other account to register your thoughts.

I’m interested in current issues within our church. Is there a special place for updated information on issues like women’s ordination?

Yes, current issues will be added as the needs arise. Currently the ordination issue is the only one we have highlighted, but there will be others added. Go to“NW Roundtable” on the main menu to see the latest information we have available. And, as mentioned above, you can add your personal comments in relation to any article there.

I’d like to sign up for the GleanerWeekly enewsletter. Where can I do that?

At the bottom of every online page you’ll find a GleanerWeekly “subscribe” button. Type your email address into the space provided and click “subscribe.” It’s that easy. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

What new services will be possible in the future?

During 2014, watch for added features online such as photo and video galleries. Along with the printed Gleaner, there are also new categories of content in which you can participate. If you have something you’d like to share on a spiritual topic, we are accepting articles of 500-800 words for a new “You Said It” section of the Gleaner. Or perhaps you have a fun and active photo that illustrates how your church, school or family is connecting with the Adventist mission. If so, send us a high resolution digital jpeg file (500KB or more in size) with a short caption that describes who, what, when and where for a new “Picture This” section. New “Perspective” columns will be added, too, by regular authors with something that will cause you to think deeply about spiritual issues in your life and in your church.