The Hole: Creation Sabbath Oct. 28 [Geoscience Research Institute]

The Geoscience Research Institute has released a new film, The Hole, for this year's Creation Sabbath. The film illustrates the Gospel using the creation to help us understanding what it means to be “born again." The Hole will be used by Adventists around the world on the Church’s designated Creation Sabbath, which falls on Oct. 28 of this year. Its use is not restricted, and anyone is welcome to view and share it.

By designating this special Sabbath, we are "acknowledging God as our Creator and the implications that this biblical teaching has for us … to create a worldwide sense of unity in promoting this belief in a positive light."

For more information about Creation Sabbath, visit:

All Seventh-day Adventist Church affiliated entities and organizations are invited to share The Hole and celebrate in proclaiming Sabbath, Oct. 28 as Creation Sabbath.

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