HEAGY 60th

Cliff and Alice Heagy celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on March 16, 2014, with a reception at the Walla Walla City Church in Walla Walla, Wash.

While at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) in Battle Ground, Wash., one snowy evening in November 1953, a young man named Clifford Harry Heagy hit a pretty girl with a snowball, so she washed his face with snow.

After the snowball fight, Cliff “just happened” to drive past the academy every day when Alice Lorraine Metcalf got out of class. He learned her name, and they became better and better friends and fell in love.

On March 16, 1954, Cliff and Alice were married in the nearby Meadow Glade Church. Cliff left the sawmill industry two years later and spent the next 25 years working in the veteran's hospital.

Alice stayed at home to care for their growing family: Glenden born in 1955, Barbara in 1956, Donna in 1957, David in 1959, Gary in 1962 and Clinton in 1969, whom they later adopted. When Gary was 3 she worked in a nursing home and later in hospitals and a doctor's office. The couple committed to providing a Christian education for their children, no matter the sacrifice, but made sure one parent was always home with the children.

In 1984, Cliff and Alice became retirement center managers and served 23 years at various places in California, Oregon and Washington.

Cliff and Alice are the proud grandparents of 17 of “the most precious grandchildren in the world” and 11 great-grandchildren. It is their greatest desire to see each family member saved eternally in God’s soon-coming kingdom.

April 15, 2014