An Evangelistic Funeral

December 01, 2010

I was recently thinking about the most successful evangelistic effort I ever had. It wasn't really an evangelistic meeting in the ordinary sense of the word. It was a funeral. Here's the story behind the story.

Two boys were having a sort of Tom Sawyer afternoon fishing down by the river near Kalama, Washington. The thought occurred to them that, since they were having no success where they were, perhaps the fish would be biting on the other side.

Sidebar: NW Schools Scored High in Kohl's Contest

December 01, 2010

Northwest Adventist schools placed high in the Kohl's Cares Contest compared to other schools in their respective states. Here's how they placed:


#4 Nome Adventist School

#5 Fairhill Christian School

#6 Anchorage Junior Academy

#10 Mat Valley Adventist School


#1 Gem State Adventist Academy

The Mount Ellis Miracle

December 01, 2010 / Darren Wilkins

What would bring hundreds of people from around the country together for a Sabbath at Mount Ellis Academy in the middle of October? It wasn't camp meeting or alumni weekend. It was a miracle — the miracle of a little Adventist academy winning a $500,000 grant from Kohl's department stores by finishing ninth out of all the schools in the nation on a Facebook contest. Oct. 16 was not only a day of celebration but also one of recommitment to young people and to Adventist schools everywhere.

The Rude Remnant

December 01, 2010 / Steve Vistaunet

She didn't know me that Friday afternoon. I was just a college kid, stocking the shelves, doing my job. But I was the first one she lined up in her crosshairs, so I got it with both barrels.

Transparent as Sunlight

November 01, 2010 / Max Torkelsen

I don't know whether it was more of a threat, a taunt or an accusation, but in my formative years I remember calling out across the school playground, "Liar, liar, pants on fire, can't jump over a telephone wire!" And, I was pretty worked up when I said it. It sure wasn't a compliment.

Iglesia Hispana de Nampa inaugurará nuevo edificio

November 01, 2010 / Edwin Lopez

En el verano del año 2007, poco antes de que la economía empezara a desacelerar, un representante de la Ciudad de Nampa, Estado de Idaho, buscaba asiduamente al pastor encargado de la Iglesia Adventista Hispana del lugar. Cuando finalmente lo contactó por teléfono, le informó que necesitaba reunirse con él y algunos de los líderes de la congregación a la mayor brevedad posible.

Northwest News NW Member Cruise Alaska

November 01, 2010 / Ron Haney

"Fabulous!" "A foretaste of heavenly beauty!" "What a great experience!" and similar remarks came during the week of Aug. 15–22, as 91 members of various Seventh-day Adventist congregations all across the country found themselves on board the Sapphire Princess cruising the great frontier of Alaska.


November 01, 2010 / Greg Middlestetter

Have you ever had something happen to you that was very inspirational but you're not sure how to share it with others — or even if you should? Maybe an inner voice is telling you, "Don't share that, they'll just think it's silly!" Hesitation sets in and doubt begins to spread. It's the kind of doubt that makes you begin to question the validity of what, at the time, seemed to be a divinely inspired moment. I had such a moment recently.

The Elder Emeritus

November 01, 2010 / Robert Carr

I never knew his last name. Like Peter, James, John and Paul, it never seemed to matter. He was no longer young, but in his later eighties. His wife had died and he had been urged into an assisted living care home in Salem, Oregon. Ed walked the aisles, noticing in others an abject loneliness, and set out to do something about it. "Why don't we start a Hymn Sing one evening a week?"

Losing Our Marbles

November 01, 2010 / Steve Vistaunet

The old church was a monument to hardwood — the chairs, the floor, all polished to a mirror finish that amplified every squeak, footstep and whisper. It was an unlikely place in which to conduct academy chapel services. But every week, I joined 300 fellow students as we occupied those seats in various stages of attention. Some listened; some passed notes; others just passed out.