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March 01, 2003 / Becky Rode

Rally the Troops! Wait, don’t you mean rally the youth? If you had happened upon the Auburn Adventist Academy gymnasium on Jan. 10 and 11, you would have been faced with hundreds of teens hanging out and praising God at the Washington Conference Youth Rally.

Grandma’s House

March 01, 2003 / Harley Miller

“Grandma’s House” is the home missionary outreach project of Stu and Joyce Neal, members of the Chehalis Church. It witnesses and offers practical instruction to mostly unchurched children ages 5 through 10 years of age. The Neal’s ultimate goal is to facilitate the establishment of a lifelong saving relationship between the children and Jesus Christ while developing a “bridge of love” between the community and the arms of Christ. They also help the children develop living skills which might not otherwise be available to them.

Winter Quarter Begins With Week of Prayer

March 01, 2003 / Bradley Nelson

Walla Walla College students, faculty, and staff returning from the Christmas holiday season, were given extra reminders of the importance of prayer during the second week of classes. Week of Prayer, organized by the Associated Students of Walla Walla College (ASWWC), featured a dozen students speaking their hearts during daily chapel services, Friday night vespers, and Sabbath church service.

The Week of Prayer meetings were well attended and were supplemented by daily calls for prayer throughout the day.

Hospital, School, and Church Unite in Service to Community

March 01, 2003 / Jane Allen

While a hospital’s primary function is to provide health care services, its influence naturally extends into many other areas of community life. Not only is a hospital usually among a community’s largest employers, it is involved in business and civic organizations as well as a variety of other community functions and activities. When the hospital is an Adventist owned or managed facility, it also benefits local Adventist churches and schools.


March 01, 2003

Walla Walla College

I received my [January 2003] GLEANER yesterday and read Jere Patzer’s editorial. It spoke to my heart and gave a ringing endorsement of our college. There is a wonderful crew there and good things are happening. God’s Spirit is touching a lot of lives and are we praying for them.

Cliff Sorensen—Lynden, Wash.

Infant Salvation

Americas for Christ

March 01, 2003

Las Americas Para Cristo, (Americas for Christ) is a Global Mission satellite evangelistic outreach from the North Pacific Union Conference to South America, Inter America, and North America. Featuring North Pacific Union Conference president Jere Patzer as the speaker, these meetings will be uplinked live from Santo Domingo, Mar. 4–29. These meetings will be sent by satellite to North American sites, Apr. 4–19.

African Americans Serving God and Community

February 01, 2003 / Alphonso McCarthy

For more than 77 years, February has been designated black history month to honor and recognize the accomplishments of African Americans in the United States of America. During this month, the national black anthem is sung at the start of all major events. The words of this song remind us of our heritage and our journey from being free in Africa, slaves in America, emancipated by Lincoln, and our commitment to God and country.

The work-a-day world

February 01, 2003

Whom we trust:

80% teachers

77% doctors

24% lawyers

23% stockbrokers

While a majority of adults trust teachers and doctors to tell the truth, barely a quarter say they trust lawyers and stockbrokers for their honesty.

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