Good People

November 03, 2016 / Loren Dickinson

It’s a sense that had been creeping up on me for a year or more. But I’d never given it tongue. And then, a few months ago, like a bubble ready to burst, it blew onto my mental screen that caused me to see some things more clearly.

The sense: So many good people engage in so many good works that do so much good — often unknown to the rest of us.

An example or two:

Cultural Plagiarists

November 03, 2016 / Seth Pierce

One of the most shocking items on the market today can be found in the Christian bookstore. I first encountered this product years ago in the campus bookstore of Andrews University, and its existence bamboozles me to this very day.


November 02, 2016 / Steve Vistaunet

I confess to being mired in philosophical muck as I ponder this year’s presidential election. How should I as an Adventist Christian relate to the spectrum of thought — or lack of it — being flung like buckshot? What is Christ’s call upon me as one determined to follow His appeal to be light and salt in this world?

Time to Vote

November 02, 2016 / Martin Weber

This month, the brash and bruising presidential campaign finally ends and Americans will vote. Many find it difficult to choose. Meanwhile, there’s another election that offers a clear choice, with eternal significance.

Two competing candidates in the Great Controversy between good and evil campaign for our vote to be lord of our lives — with drastically different motives and outcomes. “I am the Good Shepherd,” Jesus declares. The devil “comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:11, 10).

Sermonic Bingo

September 25, 2016 / Seth Pierce

Last month I commented on some practices church members participate in, which elicited some positive and some consternated responses. Good; that was the point — and I had some very good conversations as a result. However, since I gave church members a hard time, it is only fair to turn the tables on my colleagues and me. Having recently completed a research paper on homiletical pedagogy (how we teach preaching), I feel in a particular ornery mood in regard to the sermons we ministers deliver to our congregations. Therefore, I want to offer you a game: sermonic bingo.

Access to God's Presence

September 24, 2016 / Martin Weber

Come with me to the Oval Office, the most powerful place in the world. The year is 1962. Men in gray suits solemnly circulate around the room. Polite knocks at the door, and more enter.

They’ve earned their right to be here through decades of distinguished civil service. They revel in their right to approach the president: “Mr. President” ... “Sir.”


September 24, 2016 / Steve Vistaunet

Scripture makes it plain. Some people are going to be sheep and some goats. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground in this imagery — no halfway pen of undecided antelopes. I used to wonder about all of this. But then came the summer of the goats.

It was my first time ever at summer camp — not as a camper, but as staff. “You’ll love it,” friends said. “It’ll be one your best experiences ever,” they said. And so there I was, sleeping bag and toothbrush in hand, the tenderfoot of the gang, clueless to established protocol, the recipient of all undesired tasks.

Fame Rush

September 24, 2016 / Seth Pierce

This summer, conference administrators allowed me to speak in the adult auditorium at camp meeting — the “adult table.” The experience left me with a variety of new things to reflect on.

One of them happened while teaching my seminar on how technology shapes our being and our belief. While scrolling through various comments on our conference Facebook page (yes, we corporately “creeped” together as a class) to explore how people communicate online, we came across the videos of all the speakers in the auditorium.