Heartland Gets Radio Miracle

November 05, 2015 | Andrew Raduly

A couple of years ago, the Lewistown/Roundup District pastor received a phone call from a man he had never seen or heard of before. Richard Thomas informed the pastor the FCC was granting new construction permits for low-power FM radio stations. He suggested church members jump on the opportunity.

The pastor knew nothing about radio stations nor did the Lewistown and Roundup churches have the money to start the process of developing a station. Typically, a low-power FM radio station costs about $20,000. Multiply that by two, and you have a staggering sum for a district membership of roughly 40 people.

Yet God was still in charge. Thomas lives in Las Vegas and works most of the time at sea. He has an enormous burden for God’s Word to be spread via the radio. He took it upon himself to call various churches and inform them about the radio openings. He called the Lewistown/Roundup District, and members said yes. He offered to pay for all radio engineering and attorney’s fees (which were substantial) in order that they could start the process. Eighteen months ago, the churches received a letter from the attorney informing them that they had a construction permit for both Lewistown and Roundup churches. Members were ecstatic.

For the next year and a half, church members prepared, remodeled churches and anticipated the construction of their radio stations. The only challenge was finances, and they did not have the close to $30,000 or more needed to purchase radio equipment for both churches.

God stepped in again to produce a miracle. Thomas came calling, and a few days later UPS and FedEx trucks delivered all the needed equipment for two radio stations. The stations (KQLW-LP 97.7 FM in Lewistown  and KQLJ-LP 105.5 FM in Roundup) are now online and transmitting 24 hours a day.

Thanks be to God, Richard Thomas, Michael Babb, Donald Martin, Hank Slining, Neil Rauch, Rudy Fallang, Karl Johnson, Ed Horan, Norman Ostby and many others for making this project possible.