Ten Days of Prayer

Experience ten life-changing days with the Savior as you start your year with prayer during the Ten Days of Prayer, January 7-17, 2015. The Ten Days of Prayer is a time to organize a group of friends, neighbors, church members, or family to spend uninterrupted time together in prayer.

The theme for this initiative is, “Experiencing the Fruits of the Spirit,” based on Gal. 5:22–25. Each day we will be praying for and learning about these ten attributes of the Spirit. You are encouraged to go to TenDaysOfPrayer.org to register yourself or your group. While there, you will find promotional materials as well as downloadable guidelines for leaders, which will enable a first-time leader to easily walk a group through an hour of prayer. You’ll also find daily theme sheets with prayer requests that reflect personal needs as well as the needs of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church. At the bottom of the web page, you can post prayer requests or praises on the Community Comments section. How exciting to be uniting together as a church to pray for specific requests and to see God work by pouring out the Holy Spirit in even greater measure!

Hope Channel and the General Conference Ministerial Association will once again partner to produce live broadcasts of the program, Let’s Pray. Each evening, a devotional thought on the theme for the day will be presented and viewers will be invited to participate by sharing and praying for requests on the program. Let’s Pray can be viewed on DirecTV 368 and streaming online at hopetv.org.

Why do we have Ten Days of Prayer? It is a time for individuals to meet together and experience the power that comes with united prayer and to pray in one accord so God’s power can be unleashed and the great controversy ended.  If you or your group is unable to meet during the designated days, chose an alternate ten days that works for you so that you can still participate in the blessing.   

“Why should the sons and daughters of God be reluctant to pray, when prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven’s storehouse, where are treasured the boundless resources of Omnipotence? Without unceasing prayer and diligent watching we are in danger of growing careless and of deviating from the right path” Steps to Christ p. 94, 95.

After the 2014 Ten Days of Prayer, literally hundreds of participants wrote and shared their experience with us: “We have seen former members returning and new people from the community coming to church, people got jobs, there has been an increase in prayer in our Sabbath services, and members have drawn closer to each other and to God.” ― Gloria Milton, Keynes Church, United Kingdom

“The Ten Days of Prayer was so spirit-filled! On the night of the 8th day one of our neighbors had demonic possession. Myself and one of my Elders were invited to pray for the lady. We went there and the demon manifested himself but the power of God was so mighty on us that God Himself prevailed. The testimony from the lady the following morning was that she didn't just see two of us enter her house. Instead, she saw multitude of angels that accompanied us. To God be the glory!

During the ten days of prayer, we were asking God to give the church very significant testimony that will tell people that He is with us. He did answer us!” ― Pastor Francis

“For us, a small church plant, it was both necessary and blessed to come together to pray. We just started a process of developing visions and strategies for our group and for that reason the Ten Days of Prayer was much needed and it has set our thoughts in motion toward a common goal.” Anton Torstensson, Arvika Church plant, Sweden

“We saw the hand of the Lord, during the past Ten Days of Prayer. Miracles happened, healings took place, many long-time unanswered prayers were answered ... I believe no church can afford to miss next years Ten Days of Prayer ...” ― Buhire Elie Brown, Guadeloupe

God wants to pour out His Spirit on us now, just as He did for His disciples during Pentecost. Won’t you join the world church in praying for that blessing during January 7-17? Sign up today at TenDaysofPrayer.org, invite friends to participate, join the Facebook event at 10DaysofPrayer2015, follow it on Twitter at #10DaysofPrayer2015, and watch special episodes of Let’s Pray-10 Days of Prayer at hopetv.org. Join us and be blessed!