Amazing Grace Academy Brings Week of Prayer to Togiak

May 02, 2017 / Nic Owens

It’s a cold crisp day in Togiak when we arrive. The bay lies frozen over by the extreme cold of winter, the sun oblique in the sky is making its ascent towards summer.  Most of the students were on their first trip to bush Alaska and one had experienced her first airplane trip. Our group consisted of 2 seniors, 1 junior, 1 sophomore and 2 freshman from Amazing Grace Academy in Palmer.

Arctic Women's Retreat Offers 'A Healthier You'

May 02, 2017 / Wendi Kannenberg

As part of a community initiative to foster improved health and wellness among the women of southwest Alaska, the local women’s ministry team in Dillingham marked the beginning of 2017 by sponsoring a full-day retreat in January. Coordinated under the direction of Anita Alers, women’s ministry leader, this is the second consecutive year that a special event “A Healthier You” has brought together congregational and community volunteers dedicated to advancing positive physical, emotional and spiritual health throughout Bristol Bay communities. 

Wrangell Youth Evangelize for God

May 01, 2017 / Brooke Reynolds

God has grander plans than we can ever imagine. A 2014 conversation led to Alaska's Wrangell Church doing a Vacation Bible School in Bethel, Alaska. Little did we know where this would lead. Fast forward to 2017 and five VBS programs later (three in Bethel, one in Wrangell and one in Ketchikan), and the church is considering doing three more this year — in the communities of Craig, Bethel and Wrangell. 

Sitka Students Virtually Bike the World

March 20, 2017 / Kallie McCutcheon

“Go faster to finish in 20 minutes!” exclaims Ryan McCutcheon, principal and head teacher at Alaska's Sitka Adventist School, exuberantly, as students pedal briskly to reach their goal. Their goal is located across town in Mexico City, a place they might never travel in their lives, and it is simple: bike 2 miles within 20 minutes.

Anchorage Spanish Church Experiences Powerful Year

March 14, 2017 / Don West

The Spanish congregation in Anchorage, Alaska, can look back on the year 2016 with a deep sense of gratitude for what can only be described as a year of unprecedented and unexpected blessings. A number of providential occurrences allowed members to experience a faint idea of what it means for God to do “exceedingly, abundantly above” our loftiest aspirations.

Tea Party Celebrates God’s Princesses

March 06, 2017 / Jean Gobah

Many little girls like to pretend to be a princess. They enjoy dressing up in pretty dresses and sparkly things; it makes them feel special. Playing off that idea, a mother-daughter Princess Tea was held at Anchorage Junior Academy on Feb. 11 for more than 120 people, including 61 girls ages 4–12 and their mothers, grandmothers and adult friends.

Anchorage Women Reach Out to Elderly

February 08, 2017 / Loren Mangena

There are many ways we can reach out to make a difference in the lives of others. During December, Anchorage Community Seventh-day Adventist Church women’s ministries seized the opportunity to be involved in their local community by becoming the eyes, heart and feet of Jesus outside the walls of their church.

Bethel Company Gains New Members

February 01, 2017 / Vecous Waite

Nov. 19, 2016, the Sabbath before Thanksgiving, was a day the Bethel Adventist Company had much to give God thanks for. One of our local high school teachers, Aiden Keller, and his fiancée, Deonna Graham, made the decision to demonstrate the committing of their lives to the Lord and His ministry through baptism. But this baptismal ceremony was not an ordinary one because it was done at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Regional Aquatic Health and Safety Center. It was not only a public demonstration but an act of ministry to the Bethel community. 

Fairbanks Church Turns Hacksaw Ridge Into Mini-Evangelism Event

January 08, 2017 / Steve Evenson

In the fall of 2016, the new movie about Private Desmond Doss' life called Hacksaw Ridge was released. There were quite a few people in the Fairbanks Church excited about the ministry opportunities the movie release provided. After some discussion, the church board decided to purchase 2,500 copies of Hero of Hacksaw Ridge, a book written to complement the movie, to distribute at the theater after the movie's showing.

Members Feed Juneau the Bread of Life

January 06, 2017 / Liza Lowry

The Juneau (Alaska) Church family supports their community by volunteering at the Glory Hole, a local soup kitchen/homeless shelter. Every fourth Sunday of the month, volunteers participate by helping to prepare and serve the dinner meal.

Since the ministry began in 2009, the church family has donated and prepared all the food on the Sundays when they serve. Members interact and pray with residents as well as sing with them before serving the meal.