September 01, 2002

Mt. Ellis senior Jonathan Harrison has qualified for the $6,000 Andrews Partnership Scholarship, renewable each of his four years at Andrews University, where he will study architecture.

In recognition of his academic achievement, Mt. Ellis senior Greg Jutzy received a Montana University System High School Honor Scholarship, which exempts him from payment of registration and tuition fees at any Montana University System school.

Lebanon Communion Reenacts Jesus’ Last Meal

September 01, 2002 / Becki Knobloch

With tables arranged as a cross and decorated with fresh flowers, fruit bowls, candles, and little white lights, the Lebanon, Ore., Adventist women’s ministries group set out the congregation’s second annual Agape Feast communion service.

A strong turnout of members and guests enjoyed the atmosphere of praise and singing, as they ate the simple food, similar to what Jesus and His followers may have enjoyed in their upper-room meal together.

McMinnville Roof Opens Windows of Blessings

September 01, 2002 / Fonda Cox

The McMinnville, Ore., Adventist Christian School (MACS) building has grown with the times, and its various roof lines—proof of its growth—had developed extensive leaks.

To solve the problem, members determined to place one, continuous roof over the whole building, but learned early on that the new roof would create an abundance of extra, unused space.

So, in an act of faith, they decided to add a second story to the building.

Dallas Lay Members Lead 1,900 Africans to Jesus

September 01, 2002 / Ted Torkelson

“By God’s grace, we did it,” sums up the glowing report given at a Dallas, Ore., church service, June 29, by two teams of lay members just returned from a preaching crusade in Africa.

They had responded to an appeal by Robert S. Folkenberg, former General Conference president and now Global Missions director for the Carolina Conference, to join some 90 other teams for blanket coverage of a large area of Kenya.

The meetings capped off weeks of preparatory work by local ministers and lay members.

CAA Names Students of the Year

September 01, 2002

Each year, Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) faculty select a senior male and female as students of the year, chosen because they exemplify the Academy’s mission.

Seniors Brandon Moor and Chelsea Bliss received the award, this spring.

CAA Excels At Project-based Education

September 01, 2002 / Jennifer Vail

All teachers at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) use projects to enhance student learning.

“Project-based assignments are an excellent opportunity for students to use their own interests and talents, by incorporating them into history,” says Shelly Fry, a four-year veteran teacher at the Academy, located near Battle Ground, Wash.

When assigning a project, for example, she gives the students minimal guidelines, encouraging them to bring their own ideas and interests into play.

Laurelwood Students Travel to El Salvador

September 01, 2002 / Cliff Gleason

Eleven Laurelwood students, two staff members, and their pastor recently spent three weeks working, preaching, and teaching in El Salvador.

At Hogar Escuela Adventista orphanage, they built additions onto houses for 150 children, helped at the local Adventist elementary school, and assisted in a clinic.

Hood View Leads Evangelistic Team to Romania

September 01, 2002 / Tim Gobble

A light began to shine deep in the heart of Romania, as a small town of farmers and sheepherders saw the love of Jesus shine through acts of kindness, singing, health ministry, multimedia, and preaching.

Les Zollbrecht, then Hood View Church youth pastor in Boring, Ore., and his wife Marschelle, recently led six Portland Adventist Academy students and four others on a two-week evangelistic journey to Novaci, Romania.