Hilltop Adventist School Sees God Working Every Day

July 08, 2017 / Stewart Lewis

At Hilltop Adventist School, in Twin Falls, Idaho, the best time of our day is when we slow the pace down to praise our heavenly Father for all His many blessings through prayer, praise, Scripture or chimes.

As we reflect on the past few years at our wonderful school, it gives us an incredible feeling of just how the Holy Spirit has moved, has guided and continues to be present in our work, not only with educating young people but, most importantly, leading them to Jesus.

AMEN Clinic Offers Vision for Ministry

June 29, 2017

The sunshine coming through the stained-glass windows patted students’ heads, reassuring us that, indeed, it was morning and God had made it. Oh God, help your child today. Help me serve. Today was setup day for the Idaho AMEN (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network) Clinic.

La Grande Snap-Its Team Competes in Sacramento Lego Robotics Championship

June 25, 2017 / Melissa Akers

“Three! Two! One!! LEGO!!” These words rang out signaling the start of the missions at the Lego Robotics tournaments. 

For the students of the Snap-Its team from La Grande Adventist Christian School in La Grande, Ore., this was their first experience and getting here had been quite the journey. More than a year before, their teacher saw the benefits of offering a Lego Robotics club at the school. She hoped to give the students an opportunity to expand not only their academic knowledge of math and science but to give them the chance to problem solve and work on teamwork skills. 

Reality Town Teaches Financial Responsibility

June 22, 2017 / Jamie Miller

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be stewards of God’s time and money. The Caldwell Adventist Elementary School (CAES) believes this skill of financial responsibility needs to be taught.

With this in mind, Reality Town, a financial simulation, came back to CAES by popular demand. Students in grades five through eight from the Treasure Valley attended this event.

BVAS Students Hold Church-in-a-Bus

June 20, 2017 / Melanie Lawson

“That was a top-notch performance.”

“The kids’ personalities really shine through their performances.”

“The programs get better every year and this was the best program yet!”

“The students were awesome! Great job.”

These were just a few of the comments made by church members following the Boise Valley Adventist School (BVAS) Church-in-a-Bus performance on May 6, 2017. 

AMEN Free Health Clinic Impacts Boise

May 30, 2017 / Anthony White

On April 18–20, Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) held its first free Impact Your Health clinic in Boise, Idaho.

The health event, held at Expo Idaho, provided 1,300 patients with dental, medical, vision and other valuable services during the three-day event.

Hundreds of community members lined the sidewalk, awaiting to enter the building to receive medical services. On the first day of the event, more than 560 registered patients were seen, without turning a single person away. Each patient seen had a different story of how the clinic impacted their life.