TEND & KEEP - [iBelieve]

"Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it." Genesis 2:15 (NKJV)

October 27, 2016

Isaiah 51:15

I am the Lord your God who stirs up the sea and makes its waves roar. My name is the Lord Almighty. —Isaiah 51:15 #NWAdventists

October 25, 2016

NAD Women Pastors and Chaplains 2016 Retreat

The North American Division Women Pastors and Chaplains Retreat was held Sept. 11-14, 2016. Themed "Renew," the event offered 160 attendees time to relax, reflect and recommit through workshops, keynote presentations, worship, prayer, and fellowship.

October 21, 2016

Tell The World

"Tell the World" shares the compelling story of a small group of farmers from the northeast region of the United States who would go on to set the foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since the 19th century, the Church has been at the forefront of matters relating to health, education, communication and Biblical interpretation.

October 19, 2016

Psalm 90:1–2

"Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God." —Psalm 90:1–2

October 11, 2016

Revelation 4:11

“You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things." —Revelation 4:11

July 19, 2016

Do You Know About Guardianship?

You may have already done your will, set up a living trust and created an advance directive in the event of your death. These are all good planning steps. But ... have you considered the possible need to define "guardianship?" A new video produced for the North Pacific Union Conference planned giving department, describes what this could mean for you and your extended family.

February 19, 2015

The Mission Next Door: Camp Polaris

We all know that mission fields exist around the world, but did you know there is a mission in our own backyard? A portion of this month's Sabbath School mission offering will be going to Camp Polaris, a summer camp operated by the Alaska Conference on the remote Lake Aleknagik outside of Dillingham. The camp, which operates for one week each summer, is in desperate need of some upgrades. The money from the offerings will go to build a shower house for the campers as well as provide mattresses for the cabins.

January 28, 2015

Stand Firm & See - 2015 Religious Liberty Campaign

Whether we realize it or not, all of us have been blessed by the values of religious liberty. Our church’s Liberty magazine has been a beacon of those values, sent to many government officials, judges, attorneys and civic leaders. Religious liberty is a tenuous gift—dependent on our country’s Constitution and those who interpret it. This Sabbath we have an opportunity to continue to support lifting up this important principle and practice to our regional and national leaders. As you contribute to the mission of our church this Sabbath, add a generous offering for Liberty magazine.

January 21, 2015