September 2018


Youth Lead Sabbath at Eagle River Church

Youth led worship their way on May 5, 2018, at the Eagle River Church in Eagle River, Alaska. Every aspect of the Sabbath was directed by a young person, and they eagerly embraced the task of taking... More

First Project Completed at MEA With Matching Grant

On April 20, the Adventist Education Foundation (AEF) board voted to pledge up to $100,000 for maintenance projects and campus improvements at Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) in Bozeman, Mont., if the... More

Ten Times Wise in Clarkston

Are you wise? Some of us can be wise in our own eyes, but Ten Times Wiser was a program that taught us to be wise in our health. John and Lisa Quade, the authors of Ten Times Wiser, came to Clarkston... More

Sunset Lake Is a Summer Highlight for Blind Campers

What if camp was the only place you could really reconnect with your friends? What if you made lifelong friends with your fellow campers during that one week of camp? This is what it’s like for... More