Cascade Christian Academy Active in Community

November 01, 2002 / Kim Eastman

Students at Cascade Christian Academy, in Wenatchee, Wash., conducted their first quarterly Community Service Day of the new school year, Sept. 13.

Groups of five or six students, each with a student leader, planned, arranged for, and performed the work, accompanied by a teacher or parent.

Goldendale Enjoys Busy Summer

November 01, 2002 / Elaine Kubler

Church members in Goldendale, Wash., had a busy summer, including sponsorship of a stop-smoking series at The Grist Mill, a health food store owned by local Adventists Willard and Artine Cordis. The owners’ son Brent Cordis managed audiovisual presentations during the series.

One participant had been told by her physician that if she did not stop using tobacco, she would die within six months to a year.

Solid on the Sabbath

November 01, 2002

Jonathan and Laura Griffith took a bold stand for the Sabbath that nearly cost him his job at Honeywell Electronics. But through much prayer and the help of the North Pacific Union Conference Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department, he was able not only to keep his job and the Sabbath, but was assigned the daytime shift he had always wanted.

New Member in Newport

November 01, 2002

Pastor Lenny Atkins recently baptized Cherie Hargrave and Lisa Malakowsky at the Newport, Wash., Church.

Already a member in good standing, Hargrave wished to recommit her life to Christ. A new convert to Adventism, Malakowsky diligently studied the Bible for some time with local member Charlene Furman and the Atkinses. •

Nothing Impossible

November 01, 2002 / Jana Gardner

St. Maries, Idaho, Adventist Church members recently celebrated the baptism of Guy Gardner, on the banks of the beautiful St. Joe River.

For the past three years, Gardner had been studying the Amazing Facts Bible Studies and learning from church members about the love of God.

Student Literature Evangelists Help Change Lives

November 01, 2002 / Tara Vinyard

Thirty-one students this summer took to the streets of Tacoma and Olympia, Wash. As members of Western Washington Youth Challenge, a summer magabook-sales ministry, participants lived out the Great Commission by taking the gospel door-to-door, teaching prophecy seminars, and offering church services.

At the beginning of the summer, the team developed a mission statement to guide it in spreading the gospel: “Continually surrender ourselves to God. Connect those in spiritual need to Jesus. Inspire believers to a life of service.”

WindWorks Fellowship Maintains High Profile in Olympia

November 01, 2002 / Dennis McKown

On Saturday, July 20, WindWorks Fellowship of Seventh-day Adventists took to the streets of Olympia and handed out more than 1,700 bottles of chilled water, prior to the annual Lakefair Parade.

On a day when temperatures reached the mid-80s, the water received a tremendous response from awaiting spectators. Each bottle had a label that read: “ really is free! We hope this small gift brings some light into your day. It’s a simple way of saying that God loves you —no strings attached!”

Washington Conference Elects Bing as Administration VP

November 01, 2002 / Phil White

The Washington Conference Executive Committee has elected Doug Bing vice president for administration, a position vacated when John Freedman was elected president.

Bing is a 1986 graduate of Union College, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in theology and a bachelor of science degree in business. He received a master of divinity degree from Andrews University in 1988.