“Sweet Honey in the Rock” To Appear Feb. 1

January 01, 2003 / Bradley Nelson

Grammy Award-winning a cappella group “Sweet Honey in the Rock” will perform Feb. 1, for the semiannual Walla Walla College Gala Concert to benefit the Thomas Hampson Humanities Merit Endowed Scholarship.

Since 1973, the group has combined contemporary rhythms and narratives with a musical style rooted in the spirituals and hymns of the black church.

AMC Welcomes Vice President

January 01, 2003 / Heather Wheeler

Carol Kunau, R.N., was recently appointed vice president of Patient Care Services for AMC, according to Deryl Jones, president and CEO of the hospital. In her new role, Kunau oversees all patient care areas of the facility.

Adventist Medical Center Shares Mission With Church

January 01, 2003 / Heather Wheeler

Adventist Medical Center (AMC) is passionate about sharing its mission of health and healing with the people of Portland, Ore.

And the facility is equally committed to ensuring that area Adventist pastors and church constituents are kept apprised of the hospital’s commitment to Christ-centered service.

Good—But Not Perfect

January 01, 2003

Thank you for such a good GLEANER. In the November 2002 issue, in the “Mission Trip Unites” article, my name was spelled Schonemaker—it is correctly spelled Schoonhoven. I have been on 12 mission trips since retiring. Again, on page 27, the person in the bottom picture identified as Lenny Atkins does not look like our dear, former pastor. Thanks again for a wonderful publication.

Bill Schoonhoven—Pleasant Hill, Ore.

Still on the Cutting Edge

December 01, 2002 / Jere Patzer

I had the recent privilege of meeting with some key Christian community leaders. They wanted to know what was happening in the Adventist Church. I told them about the new DVD initiative for reaching people with a knowledge of Jesus and His biblical truths.

After the meeting, one of the top executives of the Billy Graham organization was so impressed, he asked if I would share a copy with him. Of course, I did.

I Must Be Moving On

December 01, 2002

Some Adventists “stay put” longer than others. God doesn’t mind stability—of that I’m certain. My Prussian ancestors would still be in Germany today, but for Kaiser Frederik Wilhelm.

You see, those Lutheran Schwiesows (original spelling) were happy farmers, pacifists all. But one by one, as 10 brothers came of military age between 1835 and 1870, they bought tickets to America rather than add their sabres to the Kaiser’s sword-rattle. Permanence is good. But tides change and winds shift.

His Legacy Speaks Volumes

December 01, 2002

Often a person and a product become so intertwined that identity lines blur and we associate one automatically with the other.

For Seattle Mariner fans, it’s Edgar Martínez. For GLEANER readers in the past decade or so, it’s been Ed Schwisow.

We’ve been blessed by Ed’s commitment and journalistic skill. He is a consummate writer, a craftsman with words. I have never tired of watching him, as editor, breathe life into otherwise awkward phrases.

Did You Know

December 01, 2002

Population Changes in the U.S.

There are more than 287 million people in the United States. With losses and gains, the U.S. is gaining a person every 13 seconds.

•One birth every eight seconds

•One death every 13 seconds

•One new immigrant every 29 seconds

Source: Census Bureau

This month in history...

•Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, was born in 1821