Monroe Families Sharing at Christmastime

February 01, 2003 / Debbie Beierle

In a dedication ceremony recently, children of the Monroe Church brought treat-filled shoe boxes to the front of the church for Operation Christmas Child, while Alexandra Harvey, 11, sang, “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Dedication prayers were offered by Jenna Christensen, 4, Bryanna Clay, 11, and Jill Clay, project leader. Seventy-seven shoe boxes were assembled and donated to this project.

Positive Life Radio Fundraising Helps Relieve Hunger in Cambodia

February 01, 2003 / Bradley Nelson

Positive Life Radio recently teamed up with Musicianaries International, Inc. (MII) to help raise money that will be used to purchase rice for needy people in the country of Cambodia.

Three concerts featuring Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels were held Nov. 21-23 in Walla Walla, Richland, and Wenatchee, Wash. Positive Life Radio also took pledges through their radio station network, and a group of Walla Walla College students also raised $1,500 by going door-to-door in the community.

Walla Walla General Hospital Helps Patients Get to Sleep

February 01, 2003 / Heather Wheeler

Walla Walla General Hospital recently opened a Sleep Lab designed to assist physicians with diagnosing a broad variety of sleep disorders. The goal of the new program is to provide a quality service that will monitor and evaluate patients for sleep disturbances and offer effective diagnosis and treatment. The new lab has two fully equipped stations for the monitoring and evaluation of patients, who will be paired with their primary care physicians for treatment.

Adventist Medical Center Receives Award from the United Way

Dropping In

February 01, 2003

Walla Walla General Hospital’s new MRI was “dropped” through the hospital’s roof and placed in its new home. Thanks to the new equipment, the facility now offers MRI services 24 hours a day.

New Views on Christian Jobs

February 01, 2003 / Standley Gellineau

In recent decades there has been a growing trend toward Seventh-day Adventists entering civil courts and state service. This movement is a departure from the earlier traditional view of not considering professions such as law enforcement and fire prevention as appropriate for church members. The rationales for the traditional views are many.


February 01, 2003

Thank You Ed Schwisow

I read Ed’s farewell article in the December GLEANER with a lump in my throat. He has been a part of my life through the pages of the GLEANER for 25 years and losing his touch brings sadness to our home.

Many thanks for the expertise and innovation that have become the hallmark of the GLEANER through Ed’s guidance. He has kept our union paper the envy of other unions. Most importantly he has given us a paper that we enjoy reading and are proud to pass along to our non-Adventist friends.

Walla Walla College Now More Than Ever

January 01, 2003 / Jere Patzer

As I attended the moving inauguration service last month for Jon Dybdahl as our new Walla Walla College president, I thought about a different gathering I had taken part in just a few months before.

In that meeting, North Pacific Union Conference and local conference administrators discussed some of the significant challenges facing the Church in the Northwest and beyond.

That meeting also gave us an opportunity to get better acquainted with Dr. Dybdahl and confirmed our belief that God has guided his selection as president.

Walla Walla

January 01, 2003

A Place So Nice They Named it Twice

• Walla Walla is home to the oldest symphony in continuous performance west of the Mississippi River.

• There is an average of 30 feet of top soil covering Walla Walla’s farming land.

• There are 360 acres of parks in the valley—that’s almost one acre a day for your outdoor enjoyment.

And Then There’s the College…