Northwest Pastor Attends Global Youth Leaders Congress

August 09, 2018

Steven Fonseca, youth pastor for the North Cascade Church in Burlington, Wash., attended the Seventh-day Adventist Global Youth Leaders Congress, held in Kassel, Germany, from July 31 to Aug. 4. He joined approximately 1,600 other global Adventist youth leaders, including Ben Lundquist, Oregon Conference director for young adults, at the event which featured speakers such as Ty Gibson, Ted N.C. Wilson and David Asscherick.

What You Should Remember About the Waco Tragedy

January 04, 2018

Television specials are being promoted on major networks and cable channels leading up to the 25th anniversary of the Branch Davidian/Waco tragedy in April 2018. It may be helpful for Adventists to have a few facts about the people and events highlighted during these media programs —​ not only for themselves, but to help answer follow up questions from interested neighbors, colleagues and friends regarding the Branch Davidian cult under Koresh.

Here are some important points to remember:

Adventist Church Adopts New Global Identity System

April 13, 2017 / Anthony White

During the annual Seventh-day Adventist world church spring executive committee meeting on April 11, in Silver Spring, Md., members voted to adopt a new identity guideline system for global use.

With the Adventist Church operating in more than 200 countires and territories around the world, and worshiping in more than 900 languages, a cohesivie visual identity was challenging but something church administrators and leaders were eager to accomplish.

World Church TOSC Considers Division Reports

January 30, 2014 / ordination

The world church Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC), during its January 2014 meeting, considered reports from the 13 worldwide divisions. An initial report from the Adventist News Network (ANN) indicates that while five divisions have voted to be supportive of women’s ordination, several others, even though individually opposed to that step, would support whatever world church action is eventually taken. The full reports can be found at the Office of Archives, Statistics and Research website.

World News Briefs - December 2009

December 01, 2009

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