Cowboy Camp Meeting Meets at Cabell Meadow

September 30, 2018 / Cherelyn Strickland

Every Fourth of July, horse lovers, those who like ATVs and friends from around the Northwest gather for camp meeting under a big tent out in God’s second book, nature. This year camp meeting was held at Cabell Meadow in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, just 2 miles from the mining ghost town of Cabell City and right next to the John Day Wilderness. Campers (and those who came just for Sabbath) enjoyed Jeremiah Smart’s evenings and Sabbath devotional talks as he spoke on repentance and the grace of God. Smart is a pastor of a church in Des Moines, Iowa.

Biker Picnic

September 29, 2018 / Dick Duerksen

For each of the last 15 years, the King’s Riders of the Washington State Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) host a special meal in the park for other bikers. Like, for the Bandidos, the Hombres, the Eagles and other Rebels. Christian bikers, laying a spread for scores of biker families who have little or no exposure to anything Christian.

Northwest-Wide Strategic Plan

September 26, 2018

North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee members affirmed an updated unionwide strategic plan during their Aug. 22, 2018, meeting in Ridgefield, Wash. This plan also serves as a catalyst for a continuing emphasis on young adult engagement through the Growing Young cohort project.

The collaborative approach to mission, combining input from union and local conference representatives​, is an effort to move toward a common goal without diminishing the unique roles for local and regional areas of the church.

Our Northwest Strategic Plan

September 26, 2018 / John Freedman

Nothing has the potential to change the world like the mission of the church, led by Christ, who is the head of the church, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Yet, sometimes I wonder why Jesus chose the church to accomplish His mission. The church is made up of fickle, flawed and often unreliable human beings. I think to myself, "Surely Jesus could have come up with a better strategy." But He didn’t.

How Close Are We to the Action?

September 22, 2018 / Martin Weber

“Look out your window and see the sunset,” a man called and said to his estranged wife. “Enjoy it, because it’s one of the last sunsets you’ll ever see.”

He wasn’t joking. Several nights later he broke into her home and murdered her and one of their teenage sons. Then he shot himself. Their surviving son witnessed the murder/suicide nightmare.

Call to Prayer for Annual Council 2018

September 20, 2018

Annual Council meetings begin today and continue through Oct. 17. Northwest church leaders have joined others from around the world in Battle Creek, Mich., where so much of our church’s history is centered. May each member of our world church executive committee recall the wisdom of our early pioneers on church governance balanced with Scripture and the Spirit’s leading. May they heed Ellen White’s warnings against human effort supplanting God’s Spirit.

Please pray with us that we will allow Jesus to be the center of every discussion and every decision. Pray that each world church leader will be inspired by God’s Spirit, God’s Word, God’s wisdom, God’s love, God’s power and God’s solutions.

The Law

September 01, 2018 / Dick Duerksen

Sin is choosing to go my way rather than God’s way.

Sin is living like I know better.

Sin is “me first.”

Sin is separation from God and His will.

Sin is a symptom of a broken relationship.

Sin is ignoring God’s advice.

Get the idea?

Review: 'End-Time Events and The Last Generation'

September 01, 2018 / Chuck Burkeen

One of the marks of a healthy organization is its ability to identify and address different viewpoints within its ranks. Author George Knight has made a career of documenting our denomination’s differing thoughts on theological matters and God’s leading as we process those diverse lines of thinking. His latest work, End-Time Events and The Last Generation: The Explosive 1950s, explores a topic that came to the forefront in the 1950s and is still a point of discussion and disagreement into the 21st century.