An Email From Nowhere Connects Couple to a New Somewhere

“Good afternoon, I found your email online and was hoping you might be able to help us concerning getting baptized. My husband and I live in remote Alaska and are hoping to find a Sabbath church to be baptized in. Thank you for your time and help with our request.”

These were the words the Hillside O’Malley Church secretary read on the screen when she opened her email one Tuesday afternoon. They were penned by Eric and Denny Weathers, from a remote island in the Prince William Sound.

Savoonga Church Celebrates Christmas on Bering Sea

February 02, 2019 / Elouise Hawkes / Church, Christmas

Dec. 21, 2018, had arrived. As the time for our Christmas program drew closer and closer, we realized Alaska's Savoonga Church was going to be filled to capacity. We were right.

The church was packed with about 100 people. There was standing room, only with folks spilling out into the foyer and the Sabbath School room. As the narrator began the Christmas story, 20 kids participated by acting out the story as told in Luke 2:1–20  and Matt. 2:1–12.  

Tok Members Hear the Clarion Call of Christian Education

January 31, 2019 / Francine Lee / Church, Youth, Tok, Alaska

For years members of the Tok Church in eastern Alaska searched for avenues in their quest for a church school. In 2010, after reading a book on Madison College and using the resources available, a plan was formulated. When Elias, a fourth-grade church member, heard Francine Lee, who felt strongly that a school was needed, speak of starting a school, he badgered her at every opportunity.

Help Alaska Let it Shine

December 13, 2018 / Missions and Outreach, Alaska, Arctic

The Arctic Mission Adventure (AMA) ministry of the Alaska Conference is seeking to raise the final $25,000 of its annual $300,000 goal. And, the deadline is coming soon.

But there’s a unique twist to this challenge. And the bald truth involves conference leadership. If the AMA goal is reached by Dec. 31, Kevin Miller, president, Jim Jensen, treasurer, and Tobin Dodge, AMA director, will shave their heads in support of the ministry. That puts a special shine on a worthwhile project.

Alaska Celebrates Yupik Bible Recording

November 12, 2018 / Chris Koonooka

Wycliffe Bible Translators sent two young linguists, David and Mitzi Shinen, to Gambell in 1959. There, they learned the language for a few years and started to translate the New Testament of the Bible thereafter. It wasn’t such an easy task because they had to be very careful and accurate translating from the Greek translation following Matt. 24:35. It took them all 59 years to complete the translation from the book of Matthew to Revelation.

Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting Attendees Are 'Called to Missions'

November 01, 2018 / Brooke Reynolds

Planning for the Alaska Southeast Camp Meeting on Vank Island started early this year. A planning committee gathered that included several young adults. From their suggestions was born the theme for this year’s campmeeting, "Called to Missions," as well as a new format to try.

Attending camp meeting is a commitment because attendees must travel by boat to the island from Wrangell, Petersburg or one of the Prince of Wales communities, such as Coffman Cove or Whale Pass.