Other Awards

August 01, 2002

Commencement services on June 9 honored more than graduates. Awards also went to the following:

Michaelynn Paul, instructor in nursing, received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. It is Paul’s second year of teaching at WWC.

Terrie Aamodt, professor of English and history, received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship. Aamodt recently published a new, scholarly book, titled Righteous Armies, Holy Cause: Apocalyptic Imagery and the Civil War.

Whisper a Prayer in the Evening

August 01, 2002 / Pat Benton

It’s 10:45 p.m.

For Walla Walla General Hospital (WWGH) nurse Becky Saranto, it’s almost routine. But for her patients—many of them in crisis—it’s anything but ordinary.

Tonight, as on hundreds of nights before, Becky visits each of her patients before she signs out, offering them something not found in most medical textbooks—a goodnight prayer.

Blaring Walls & Falling Trumpets?

August 01, 2002

My kindergarten/preschool students in the Sutherlin, Ore., Adventist School just got through marching around the “Walls of Jericho.”

They did it six silent times, then shouted. It’s a great Bible story we adults often regard as childish.

But as my kids marched those seven days, I began wondering what must have been going through the minds of the original marchers.


August 01, 2002

Biblical Abortion?

A Barna Research Group survey is quoted in the July GLEANER, noting "that Americans are comfortable legalizing activities—such as abortion, homosexuality and pornography—that they feel are immoral.”