Adventist Health Releases Mission-Focused App

September 08, 2020 | Health | Japhet De Oliveira

Adventist Health's more than 37,000 associates are on a mission to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope in both the Pacific Union and North Pacific Union territories. They do this as they serve in 22 acute care hospitals containing a total of 3,200 beds. Every day they inspire in nine hospice agencies and 14 home care agencies, with nearly a quarter-million home health visits a year. In more than 280 ambulatory care clinics, they minster with love and healing. In many of the 65 rural health clinics, they are on the frontline as the only health care available. Every day the associates of Adventist Health are actively owning this mission.

These health care providers and staff are thrilled to be present for the miracle of birth. They are privileged to provide God-inspired care and healing throughout life’s journey. They are honored to be there during the sacred final moments of those who are dying, and they hold to the hope of the day when death and pain will be no more.

For the Adventist Health team, mission is every day. It is not a shift. It is not Monday to Friday. It is not a weekend. It is every day. Owning the mission means every action, every conversation, every moment, every line of data, every story, every encounter keeps the patient at the center. The mission does not end when a patient leaves the facility. The Adventist Health mission calls each employee to stay connected and to help transform the whole community. This is every day.

The Bible is filled with great examples that teach us we are stronger when we have others in our lives. When Moses needed to keep his arms raised high to win the battle, Aaron and Hur aided him, one on each side (Ex. 17:11–12). We all need support in our lives. That is one of the most wonderful gifts of the local church. We connect each week to support each other. We meet through small groups, prayer meetings and acts of service. Church members and Adventist Health associates together can own the mission, support each other and lift each other up.  

To increase this connectedness, Adventist Health released the Simply Mission app earlier this year. The app offers features to lift, inspire and raise the hope each day to both Adventist Health associates and church members across the North American Division.

Every day, seven days a week, anyone can enjoy a passage from the Bible. There's a Bible reading plan to join. The Daily Word offers a 300-word reflection sharing life insights. The Daily Connect's two-minute inspirational video starts the day in the best space possible.

Through the app, Adventist Health streams life events and Digital interMission services. Every week there is a fresh 12-minute message to watch or listen to. These are just some of the resources being developed and offered through the Simply Mission app. The app is available on every type of mobile device (Android, Google, iPhone) and even Roku and Apple TV. 

To find the Simply Mission app, open your phone or tablet and search within your app store for two words: Simply Mission. If you have any difficulty, you can reach out to Adventist Health's office of mission by email.

One final note: Register for notifications as well because those gentle reminders are a great feature to help you stay connected with this valuable, mission-focused content.

Together, let us continue to lift each other up every day.  

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