River Baptisms Bring Jordan Experience

August 13, 2020 | Church | Denise Williams

Sharon Church and Your Bible Speaks Community Church came together on Sabbath, July 11, 2020, at Lewisville Regional Park in Battle Ground, Washington, to baptize several individuals in the river.

The decision to baptize in the river was made due to the pandemic that the country is currently facing, which has our churches closed. But we must continue to do the work of God, in the midst of trying times.

Garth Dottin, Sharon Church pastor, and Reginald Richardson Jr., Your Bible Speaks Community Church pastor, along with members from both churches, gathered at the park to celebrate with the families that made the most important decision of their life — to follow Jesus Christ.

Sharon Church baptized four members from the Lopez and Madrigal families, and Your Bible Speaks baptized Alexa High — who first met pastors Dottin and Richardson during a Black Lives Matter social justice march in downtown Portland, Oregon, on June 3. This was the first baptism conducted by Richardson, who was installed as the new pastor of Your Bible Speaks in June.

The first member to make their decision from the Lopez/Madrigal family was Julia. After meeting Dottin and the members of Sharon Church, she was convinced that she wanted to make Sharon her church home.

Julia took to social media, posting how she was not a religious person and did not trust churches because, in her experience pastors, would preach the Word but not live it. She continued in her post saying that when she found Sharon Church, her view of the church changed, and she could not be more grateful to be a part of this community of people who are led by a pastor who is a true leader of God. Sharing her experience with her family members, they too wanted to experience the love and support that she spoke of.

Before High went into the water, she gave her testimony of acceptance, and there were shouts of "hallelujah" throughout the park. And, although the water was cold, the baptism candidates were excited to become a part of God’s global family.

Baptizing in the river was very special, as it brings a visual to the Scripture found in Mark 1:3–9, where John the Baptist was baptizing the people in the Jordan River and along came Jesus who was also baptized. 

This was the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.