Colporteur on the Front Lines

Allen Radke, a longtime colporteur and school teacher from Shelton, Washington, and a Yacolt Church member, has been retired since 2008. But he still works as a colporteur and teacher part-time.

In the early 1980s, Radke dedicated his pocket to the Lord by carrying it full of literary tracts. He strongly believes in the tract ministry because he came to know Jesus through a little tract that was sitting around his parents’ home. So, yes, Radke believes in knocking on doors as we read in Acts 20:20, where it is recorded the Apostles went door to door.

But now during the social distancing brought on by the COVID-19, Radke was convicted not to go door to door, but he still wanted to witness on the front lines.

In his devotions early one morning, he believes the Lord impressed him to make a large poster with the Bible text Matt. 24:7 and other "catchy" words. He waterproofed it, and he, along with his new wife, sits at a major intersection in the greater Portland area. He is hoping and praying drivers will notice the sign and will go to their Bibles when they have a chance.