Hot Springs Adventist Community Services Thrift Store Restarts Operations

July 08, 2020 | Church | Gabriele Laub

On Tuesday June 9, 2020, I visited with Dianne Roosma and her team of dedicated volunteers a the Hot Springs Adventist Community Service Thrift Store. I was able to deliver a dozen of cleanup; flood buckets, which the center can give away with cleaning items or other items, depending on the disaster.

Situated in the picturesque little town of Hot Springs in northwest Montana, this traditional ACS thrift store (everything is free) opened in 1983 and serves the local population and surrounding ranching community. 

They recently restarted their operations after a two-month COVID-19 related shutdown. Roosma has been able to implement social distancing in the store and keep many items outside, weather permitting. As you enter the store, one of the volunteers sprays your hands with disinfectant and introduces you to the layout if you need help.

We’re grateful for this ACS center and the volunteers who manage it even during challenging times. God is good.