WWU Hosts Virtual U-Days Event for NPUC High School Students

May 07, 2020 | Education | Mindy Coleman

This spring Walla Walla University hosted an online U-Days event in lieu of the traditional in-person event when high school students gather on the WWU campus to experience college life firsthand.

Each Virtual U-Days participant received an invitation and special kit in the mail from WWU that contained treats to brighten their days at home. The event opened online with a shared worship experience. Guests then gathered in smaller group sessions to watch videos about life at WWU including academics, spiritual life and the residence halls. The event also featured a live question-and-answer session with WWU students, faculty and staff; giveaways; and opportunities to earn scholarships.

“WWU is an incredible place with so much to offer, and we hope students were able to experience a little sliver of that through Virtual U-Days,” said Melissa Rae, WWU recruitment director.

If you missed Virtual U-Days and would like to experience the WWU community through a virtual visit, please get in touch at www.wallawalla.edu/visit.