MiVoden Hosts Men's Summit

April 09, 2020 | Church | Kathy Marson

The topic for the recent Men’s Summit held at Camp MiVoden in Idaho, March 6–8, 2020, was “The Power of One." Minner Labrador, Upper Columbia Conference president, presented the theme to attendees ranging from teenagers to seniors. Together they discovered the power of becoming a man of God. 

Minner shared his heart with the men by sharing a journey through the life of Jacob and how God transformed Jacob into a man of God through the power of one encounter, the power of one father and the power of one warrior.

The theme continued with Buford Griffith, Southwestern Union pastor and family ministries director. His talk was titled “Strong Temple, Strong Man.” The UCC ministerial director, Eric Brown, shared how one man can make a difference if he will choose to work on himself while he loves others. When the power of one is Holy Spirit power, one man can make a difference.

Breakouts by Brenden Goertzen and Kinley Sorenson shared how to care for aging parents and how to help veterans reflect Christ in their homes and communities.

The attendees enjoyed the weekend. One said, “The main worships were on point. I enjoyed the talking and getting to know the other attendees.”

Another said, “I was most blessed by the early morning devotionals — much to my surprise. I am not a morning person, but God woke me up and got me there.”

Brown was grateful for the strong foundation laid by the previous men’s ministries team. “Even with short notice, we had a great group of men come together," he says. "It is a powerful thing to see men of different generations kneeling together in prayer for their families.”

The weekend showed God is moving in a special way on the hearts of the men in the UCC. There was a hunger to see men’s ministries happening in the local church. Brown says, “God is calling men to strengthen each other to take on the mission God has given this church for the end time.”