Bozeman Members Minister at Rest Home

March 25, 2020 | Church | Terri Wonenberg

A small group from Montana's Bozeman Church has been playing music, singing and sharing the love of God with the residents at the Gallatin Rest Home for more than 10 years. The residents, their family members and the staff appreciate this music ministry.

One Sabbath afternoon each month, song sheets with several favorite hymns are distributed, then musical instruments are played and voices are raised in praise to God. The younger children go around and help the residents turn the pages to find the correct songs. The residents love the children's attention, and Bozeman members get a special blessing watching these precious people sing, tap their feet and praise God. The service is ended with a short inspirational sermon and prayer, asking God to bless and keep these dear friends until the next month's meeting.

The Bozeman team made sure to bring Christmas cheer to these residents in December. This past season, they handed out soft, fluffy blankets with beautiful scenes of animals. Each resident received a special card letting them know how precious they are to the Bozeman Church. These gifts were topped a candy cane. 

Everyone has gifts that can be used for God. For this particular ministry, it's just a matter of being willing to take time to spend with wonderful people, showing the love of Jesus and praising God through music. Bozeman members have built many special friendships and know these new friends are part of their heavenly family. They look forward to seeing these precious people in heaven one day soon.

Bozeman members have dedicated this ministry to Jesus, asking Him to bless it. He has definitely made it prosper.