Holiday Pageant Connects Generations

February 23, 2020 | Church

Most of the Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) students and staff are involved and highly affected by Journey to Bethlehem (J2B), an interactive outdoor drama production held the first weekend of each December.

Student Josie McKey has been participating every year since Auburn Adventist Academy Church started producing this journey back to ancient Bethlehem.

“J2B brings people to Jesus, and it makes me so happy to see everyone get involved,” McKey says. “It is a creative way of ministry and getting the community closer and stronger.”

Each year, more than 5,800 guests are immersed in the journey of the birth of Jesus Christ. Along the way, locally trained actors from babies and teenagers to parents and grandparents are interacting with each other as they help share this story.

“J2B brings generations together to do something significant and to create a community inside the church and between the churches,” says Wilma Bing, pastor and executive producer. “Churches strive to be relevant and significant. Journey to Bethlehem does that.”

People not only contribute time and money, they contribute heart. Every detail from the fresh fruit to the live animals is a labor of love. As people approached the manger in the final leg of their journey, they were in awe that “Baby Jesus” was a real baby and not a doll.

That's why Auburn Adventist Academy Church puts on this elaborate production: because Jesus is real. As AAA staff member Katie Russell summarizes, “It opens up the door for people to come to our church and experience God for themselves.” 

Leelty Abreha and Ashlyn Hawe, AAA media literacy students